where it all began.....

For some clarification, this is written from Eve's point of view. Mike might do his take on it another time.

Before we met, we each were photographers that loved our art but were struggling to take it to the next level: consistent clients. We each knew that it was what we wanted to do, but the general struggles of life had gotten in the way of really marketing ourselves to make it our main profession. About 4 months after we met, we shot our first client together.

At Mike's other job, one of his coworkers mentioned to a customer that Mike was a photographer. The customer wanted to talk to Mike about booking him for a wedding, but alas, Mike was not there at the moment and the coworker couldn't give out his information, so the only solution was to come back another time. Little did we know, he actually did come back, the next day, to ask Mike to shoot said wedding. Unfortunately, the wedding was on such short notice (a week) that he already had to work! Upon hearing this conundrum, his supervisor actually gave him the day off!! (Thanks!!) He called me and asked me if I might wanna come shoot a wedding next week.

Now's a good time to mention that I also worked full time at a different job, and lived 6 hours away from Mike during these early months of our relationship. I finagled and negotiated with a coworker (free cookies usually did the trick) and got that day off as well, and we were officially going to shoot our first wedding together!

I was excited to shoot a wedding, because I'd never done this before. I had been asked to and even considered it, but a wedding is SUCH a high-stress job, if you miss one shot (the kiss), or if something happens to your equipment, you have (at best) let down someone trusting you on what many consider to be the biggest day of their life, or, even worse, earned yourself a customer that will let all their friends (read: potential clients) know not to hire you. I never wanted to shoot a wedding alone, and I didn't trust my equipment at the time as fully as a professional in such a position should (thank goodness I've upgraded and have failsafes now!). Mike had shot several weddings solo, so I was ever-so-thankful to have him there by my side to calm my nerves.

It was going to be a small and short ceremony at the local courthouse, and though we had met the father of the groom (who booked us), we had never met our clients. The night before, while preparing my extra batteries and cards, I worried about not knowing which people were our clients when we arrived. I worried about us having been given the wrong time, or having car trouble, or anything else that may make us late. I worried that I would miss THE KISS (knowing that even if I did, Mike would get it). I worried myself silly about this wedding, but the one thing I didn't worry about was our ability to work together seamlessly. Mike and I work very well as a team in this kind of setting, because he is an introvert and hangs back getting candid pictures, and I am an extrovert that has no problem posing clients for those portraits we all know and love. Even before we had tested this theory in practice, I was completely confident that we were a perfect pair.

We arrived at the courthouse about half an hour early. Some of my fears began to be realized when we didn't recognize a single person there, and nobody looked like they were going to (or having) a wedding. Which made sense, eventually, because nobody there was having a wedding - we were earlier than our clients. We hung around and waited for them, and they did show up! We met the groom, who was very nice, and got to work snapping away. We all waited around in the hallway outside the little ceremony room for the bride and her bridesmaids to arrive. She was a little late, which I think had the groom sweating a bit, but when she arrived, she looked flawless. A beautiful woman with a short white laced dress, flanked by other beautiful women in a variety of colors and dress styles. We proceeded towards the ceremony room (then back up the hall, then downstairs, then back to the ceremony room again, due to some paperwork mixups) and entered a sweet little room adorned with swaths of tulle and fairy lights. The ceremony was short and sweet, and in a matter of minutes, they were done, and we went out to the back of the courthouse to get some posed photos, for her to throw the bouquet, etc. We got all the photos they said they wanted, and they scurried off to party the night away at a local spot.

And that's the story of the first wedding we shot together. The whole thing lasted about an hour, but that's when I knew we would make a fantastic team. The photos came out great and our clients loved them, and we realized what a great pair we made. A year and a half later we are running a business together and more excited every day about the great opportunities we have to capture new client's special days!