Canon 6d + Tamron 28mm-75mm @33mm ISO-1600 SS-1/400 F5

We have more than we deserve as wedding photographers, people bring us into their lives for one of the most important and beautiful days of their lives, and sure, we have a job to do. We take pictures and capture these memories so they can be re-lived over and over again. But it's more than the job. We are there with them, in that moment, mingling among the family members and close friends. We get to see them at their best and their worst, their most hope-filled, their most nervous and anxiety filled. We make small talk with them and sometimes it's not so small after all.

Canon 6d + tamron 28mm-75mm @75mm ISO-800 SS-1/400 F2.8

And what’s more humbling than this? People who’ve experienced decades of memories with these people have been invited to take part in their special occasion. And then there is you.

The most recent example of this for me is in the images you are seeing right now.

CANON 6D + TAMRON 28MM-75MM @51MM ISO-2500 SS-1/125 F2.8

I found myself arriving at Chris’s parent’s home hours before the ceremony was scheduled to happen and even, in fact, before Chris had arrived to get ready.

I was quickly and warmly welcomed in, asked the comfort questions of “is there anything I can get you, are you hungry, would you like a drink?”- Again, I’m a stranger to these people, I’m the guy with the camera. And yet, it was a feeling of being right at home, welcomed in, and gratitude for a job I hadn’t even started yet.

As Chris arrived and began to get ready I managed to capture the image above as he was making sure everything, even the details of the bowtie, were on point for what was to come. I thought the sign hanging on the mirror was a nice touch of whimsical foreshadowing

Canon 6d + Tamron 28mm-75mm @75mm ISO-800 SS-1/1000 F4

Children play no small part when it comes to weddings, while their antics are spontaneous they always add that extra bit of “home” to the event, in the most honest sense, they are the heartbeat of the party.

And then the moment happens, typically towards the end of the evening, where you see all the work, the preparations, the anxieties, the hopes, and effort come together as the family gathers to tell their stories and welcome the newlyweds. And still, you’re there, a welcome guest among families.

Canon 6d + Tamron 28mm-75mm @28mm ISO-1250 SS-1/200 F3.5

And after all of that, the hustle and bustle wraps up and they spend those last precious moments of alone time with you. You take portraits and candids and try to make sure this moment they’ve given you can be one they look back on fondly. Sometimes you want to remain hidden so the moment is natural, and then again sometimes they are most natural when interacting with you.

Canon 6d + Tamron 28mm-75mm @75mm ISO-1250 SS-1/500 F2.8

Canon 6d + Tamron 28mm-75mm @44mm ISO-3200 SS-1/200 F4

Weddings mend the heart. You can’t attend them, experience them, or partake of the festivities without the humbling feeling that you, as a stranger, are welcomed. If you weren’t feeling humble before, or wanted, or overflowing with a sense of joy these will do it to you. I say mend because it means to “put right”, meaning a wedding will put your heart in the right place. We have more than we deserve as wedding photographers.

Canon 6d + Tamron 28mm-75mm @37mm ISO-500 SS-1/2000 F3.5