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When a photo is worth a thousand words, but you’re a little long winded…

Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been photographers?

Between the two of us, we have over a decade of experience in photography. We decided in mid-2015 to join our businesses together and have been working together as a team since then.

Do you have professional equipment?

Of course! We wouldn't trust anything but professional equipment to handle your big day. Eve shoots with a Canon 6D & Mike shoots with Lumix Gx8, and each have a backup camera in case (god forbid!) one fails. We also have a wide selection of lenses, lights, props, and various accessories. If you need more information or specifics, feel free to ask!

Do you have a portfolio of your recent work?

Yes! We have a gallery that can be found by clicking "look at all of these pictures!" in the navigation bar, and you can go back through our blog and check out some previews of our other weddings. If you need more, please just ask!

Do you have referrals for past work?

Yes! We have a Facebook page with reviews and a Google page with reviews! We can also provide specific references upon request.

Do you always provide two photographers/is there an upcharge?

We always shoot as a team. I feel this is a huge part of what sets us apart from other photographers - we don't charge you more to have both of us! When you book with Lucky Sparrows, you get both of us, every time, with no hidden fees or costs. Many other photographers charge more to have a second shooter, and 9 times out of 10, you don't know anything about this second shooter that you're paying more to have. They could be a professional on par with the one you hired, or it could be some kid they pulled aside for the weekend to shoot with them. With us, you know our work and our style, and there will be no surprises.

Do you require a contract to book?

Yes. We do require a contract signed and retainer paid before we consider your date "booked." We do this to ensure that there is no confusion on either end about booking or what is expected of either party. We also do this to ensure that we keep as many dates open as possible for potential clients it's a first sign, first serve basis.

How will I receive my images?

We have a few different options available. Each of our clients gets their own private viewing gallery on our website for viewing and ordering prints. If you choose, we will deliver a USB with your files on it, along with your choice of prints.

Do you deliver the negatives? (Or RAW files)

We don't, and we have a few reasons why. For starters, the average person has no use for a RAW file. They are not able to be printed or posted on social media. We also take great care to hand-edit each image we deliver to you, and delivering the RAW files without our signature touch added on almost defeats the purpose of hiring us in the first place. We want you to hire us because you like our shooting style, editing styles, and personality. You wouldn't ask your baker to just bring all the ingredients for the cake, or your florist to just drop off a box of plants - it's the same idea, the RAW files are the bare-bones and just the start to our creations.

Do I get the copyright to my photos?

In the U.S., the copyright of the photos stays with the photographer, always. We don’t sign away, sell, or give the copyright to anyone but the photographer. Most likely what you're thinking of is a print release, which is available with all our packages!

Do you have a limit to how many photos will be edited?

No! We don't limit ourselves when it comes to photos to be delivered. We don't feel it's fair if we think we have 300 great photos to only edit and deliver 250. We edit and deliver only the best, and to put a cap on how many can be "the best" is just not fair to our clients. We go through each image we take at your wedding, one by one, and cull it down to the ones we think best represent your day. From there we hand edit each one to perfection, and you receive the final result of hours of deciding and editing.

What kind of time frame do you have between shooting and delivering?

We will generally release a Sneak Peek within 48 hours of your wedding, with the final images being uploaded for viewing within 6-8 weeks of your big day. After ordering, it's generally a matter of days before you have your products in hand!

Will we be able to share our gallery?

Your gallery will be uploaded to our website on a password-protected page. You can share this link on your Facebook and we can remove the password for ease of use if you’d like - but your entire gallery will only be hosted via our site. Your sneak peeks, however, will be posted and social media-ready to share with your whole friendslist!

Can we purchase additional prints/albums not included in the package we choose?

Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!!! We LOVE to have our clients order more physical copies of our work. We feel that in the digital age we live in, a lot of the sentimental value of holding a product in your hand is fading away. We want to bring that back. Nothing makes us happier than knowing our hard work is hanging on a client's wall. We offer prints, albums, and (my personal favorite) canvases of any size!

What do you love most about wedding photography? 
Eve: I love to be surrounded by happy people, on what many consider to be the best day of their lives. I truly enjoy seeing the bride get all prepped and ready, and feeling like a princess when she has on that dress - and then seeing her reactions to her portraits and photos of her big day, being able to take that leap back a few weeks in time and almost relive the day all over again.

Mike: I like weddings because of the joy in the air everywhere, the great ambiance. I really enjoy going around and getting all the detail shots and getting perspectives that may not be immediately noticeable, but interesting or comforting to look back on. And I think one of the best rewards is to see my art hanging in someone's living room.

Michael Reynolds