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When a photo is worth a thousand words, but you’re a little long winded…

Savanna & Patrick's High Bridge Trail Engagement Session (Part One)

It has been an absolutely soggy February, and March didn’t start any different. Thankfully the weather knew that today we needed to actually be outside and also that we aren’t very much like ducks, so the sun finally made an appearance, for the first time in what feels like forever.

When discussing possible locations to do pictures we brought up high bridge and found out that they love the outdoors so it would work out perfectly!

High of 59°? Check.

Quarter-to-five meeting time? Check.

Perfect sunset? Check.

But none of those went to plan.

After a few hangups we started shooting as the sun had set and darkness was creeping its way over us.

The entire trail is 31 miles long and meets at the focal point, a 2,400 foot long bridge that looms 125 feet over the Appomattox River. The bridge was formerly used as a railway during the civil war and is now a state park and hiking trail. Fortunately we only had to travel about .5 miles each way to get to our point - which was great news, since we were on a limited time frame and carrying up some lighting gear.

Fortunately Savanna and Patrick were total naturals, smiling and giggling away.

Unfortunately with the limited light and time available we didn’t get to check out all the areas that we wanted to, which is why this is a part one! Stay on the lookout for the grand finale to this awesome couple’s shoot, which should involve large towering concrete pylons, a trek through the woods, and maybe some photos hanging out on the Appomattox River! Until then of course, here’s a few more images to tide everyone over.

Michael Reynolds